Week In Review 11/17/17


Currently Reading: Across the Formidable Sea by Claire Laminen

The death of her beloved father changes Laura Elliott’s life irrevocably. The spirited young American has barely begun to recover from her loss when her mother remarries – to a British earl. The two of them are whisked across the Atlantic to the green expanses of Coventry, where Laura finds herself adrift in high society, unable to fit in and lonelier than she’s ever been. Then, two new people enter her life and turn her world on its ear. Her stepfather’s new accountant, the handsome and accomplished Graham, shows her the kindness she has been missing since arriving in England. But Sarah Byrne, a modern young woman from the toughest part of Birmingham and youngest sister of its notorious crime family, has intentions of pulling Laura in an entirely different direction. As Laura manages her new friendships, she finds herself faced with the questions that plague twenty-year-olds in every era: who she is, what home means to her, and what the consequences of her choices will be.

I’ve been a bit exhausted with fantasy and all of its tropes as of late, so I picked up Across the Formidable Sea and it has been wildly refreshing. It’s the perfect lazy Sunday or rainy day read (or any day, really). Laminen does a wonderful job of creating a vibrant 1920s backdrop that you can’t help but dive into as her beautifully flawed main character, Laura, navigates the waters of both high society and the dangerously inviting world of Birmingham’s underbelly. Highly recommend for fans of Peaky Blinders and Pride & Prejudice.


Currently Writing:
Death Becoming

In the home stretch of round two of my edits. I did a full re-write of my “finale” scene, and am currently working on polishing that, which has led to a series of subplot edits in order to make sure everything ties together nicely in the end. But not too nice, because I can’t let my characters off too easy… I can’t say much more than that without spoiling anything, but if you were one of the few to read the original manuscript, say goodbye to your darlings and strap in for an even wilder ride the second time around.


ringCurrent Life Update:

I haven’t been on here in ages, so guess I should start with the Big Things™️ first: As of August 11th, we’re engaged! We’re super excited and can’t wait to party it up with friends and family at the wedding… in 2019, haha. We’ve got big plans for 2018, and we’re pretty excited about the future in general, and I’m so lucky to have my rock by my side through it all.

Currently Listening:

I’ve been jamming to this Spotify playlist lately. It’s 16.5 hours of instrumental pop song covers, and it’s pure gold. I’ve always struggled to find a balance between orchestral playlists and modern music for writing playlists, and this is the perfect in-between.

Currently Drinking:

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of cold weather. But I am a MASSIVE fan of the drinks that come with it. Whiskey? Hot toddies? Red wine? Stouts? Give me all the heavy sippers. Currently sipping: the stout that started it all for me, Oscar Blues Ten Fidy, so named because it’s 10.5%ABV, so sip slowly. But you’re not gonna want to rush through this chocolate, caramel, coffee goodness.

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