Week in Review 12/22/17

Currently Listening:
This week I discovered the band Transviolet, and have been jamming to Night Vision, Bruises, and The Hamptons. Night Vision gives me all the Death Becoming vibes and is a great song to write to.

when the night gets heavy / lay your heaven on me / sparks illuminate us / i’ll find you in the dark // when the sky is falling / i’ll be your atlas holding / the world on my shoulders / i’ll find you in the dark

Currently Drinking:
To be honest, this weekly segment makes me feel like an alcoholic. But in my defense, I do this for a living, okay?! This week I got into the Christmas spirit with some help from Ayala Brut Majeur, which I lovingly refer to as Bollinger’s baby sister. 40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Meunier, Ayala is considered the “sleeping beauty of champagne”. It’s minerally and chalky with honey and biscuit notes, and one of my favorite bubbles to sip. Go getcha some.

[CLU] christmas

#TBT to Basil and Paprika’s first Christmas in 2015 💕

Current Life Update:
Things are ramping up for Christmas! This week I finally broke out my Christmas decorations. We didn’t do a tree this year. Instead, we decorated our seven foot tall rubber plant. I pulled out a few sentimental ornaments and scattered them around the house, and I’m definitely getting into the Christmas spirit. I spent three hours on Sunday writing Christmas cards while drinking tea and listening to the Yule Log on tv. (Yeah, I’m that person. No shame in my Christmas game.) I’ve also had Christmas cards and packages arriving in the mail for the past two weeks, which is super exciting. As per usual, I have disguised all of Lucas’s gifts in mysteriously sized and shaped boxes to keep him from guessing. My mother taught me the art of Christmas deception from an early age. She used to write my name on all my brother’s gifts and vice versa to keep us guessing.
PS: If you’ve sent me a gift or letter, I’m saving them all for Christmas day.

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions? What are you most looking forward to as 2017 comes to a close?


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