2018 #Goals


I’m a big believer in goals. And as a Slytherin, I’m one of the most determined people I know and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

My Goals for Living My Best Life in 2018:

  1. Be Kind. This is an Always Goal, but I don’t think kindness can ever be overrated. Kindness to others, and  kindness to yourself. You get back what you put out into the world. I’m highly critical, and while it’s important to be critical of the world around you, it’s important not to let that hinder your enjoyment of it. I’m watching the way I speak about things, what details I focus on. I want to remember the good in the world, in my world, and that doesn’t mean ignoring the bad or brushing it under the rug. Acknowledge it, but don’t let it steal your joy or your kindness. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 2017 was a dumpster fire. And so much of it could be fixed, be healed if only we showed more kindness and understanding to those around us.
  2. Oregon. As I mentioned in my 2017 recap, our lease is up next fall, and we’re ready to go. There are so many goals tied into this one. We’re looking to buy our first house and stop throwing our money away renting. We want to spend more time outdoors and nature is so accessible in Oregon. We want to save money and getting out of Illinois will help with that. I’ve lived in three states since graduating high school, and I’m reading to find the one that feels like home, feels like forever, and I think Oregon is a big step in the right direction for us.
  3. Begin the publishing journey. This one puts butterflies in my stomach, makes me want to run around the house in euphoria and puke all at once. I’ve always loved writing, but it wasn’t until after I completed a major in culinary arts that I realized I need to write. I need to share my stories with the world. And I want to give it my all, which is why I’ve spent so much time editing DB, researching agents, and antagonizing over queries. This was a 2017 goal of mine, but one made out of ignorance. I wasn’t ready in 2017. It’s hard for me to prolong pursuing a goal, but I know I’ll be more prepared in 2018. Not only to actually achieve this goal, but to deliver at a calibre I can look back upon in the future and be proud of, rather than the rushed product I had in 2017.
  4. Travel. Even with moving across the country on the docket, I need to travel. As Alisa calls it, I’ve got the “go bug”. Lucas & I are making our yearly visit to Minnesota to see his brother and best friend who live there, and I’m going to meet up with Brenna! My best friend Karrie is coming into town for One Chicago in March, the #bifflesquad has a Nashville trip in the works, and I’m going to Spain and Portugal via work in April. And if that’s not enough, I’m seriously hoping I can squeeze in time to scuba in Key Largo with the parents. I’ve only missed a year of diving once so far in my life, and not to be dramatic, but I might shrivel up without my yearly dose.
    Travel is one of the few things in life I allow myself to splurge on. It’s so important to remember that the world is so much bigger than your town, your state, your country. It’s easy to forget that. We get so immeshed in our daily lives that we forget to open our eyes and really see. That’s what travel is to me. It’s not about flashy vacations, it’s about staying in touch with the world around me, remembering my own insignificance. The world is big and it is beautiful and for my small time on it, I want to see and experience as much of it as I can, in the way that those who live there experience it.
  5. Read more. My GoodReads “to read” list is getting out of control. I’ve been so wrapped up with DB edits that I didn’t do as much reading as I would’ve liked in 2017, so I’m hoping to change that in 2018 and knock a few books off my list.


Do you have any goals for 2018? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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