Week in Review 2/23/18


Y’all, I think my brain is broken. After getting my WDU Query Critique back last week, I compiled a MASSIVE spreadsheet with the list of all the agents I want to query, with sub-sheets for each agency and their submission guidelines, and sub sheets for those sheets with each agent’s #MSWL. (cue me pulling my hair out) But I guess if it was easy, everyone would do it, right?

[CW] New Yorker Comic

A Foolproof Guide to Achieving Literary Success

Thankfully, my coworker sent me this comic, which was some much-needed levity as I enter the query slush piles of doom. Which I can now say: I have entered the slush piles. I sent out five queries today. (cue internal screaming) But never fear, the endless stress is not over. Besides having what I believe to be a fairly solid query, there was one thing I did not prepare for: Writing a synopsis. Most of the agents I researched previously didn’t request one, so I hadn’t really thought much of it. But during my Query Attack Plan Excel Spreadsheet-Making™️, I discovered a few of my favorite agents that do require them. So, now I get to overanalyze and stress over writing that before sending out the next round of queries. Pray for me y’all. #amquerying


This week I had the pleasure of working with our representative from Wayfarer, the Burgundy-inspired Fort Ross Sea View project of Jason Pahlmeyer. Which, if you’re not familiar with Pahlmeyer, here’s the coolest wine story ever. In order to grow the best wines in Napa, Pahlmeyer and his partner knew they needed cuttings from Bordeaux. However, importing clones from Bordeaux was illegal. So, naturally, they stole them, smuggling them in through Canada. And they almost got away with it, too. Until their last truckload, the fifth one, was caught. And Jason’s partner? Told them everything. The government demanded they turn over the other four truck’s cuttings. But they didn’t do all that smuggling for nothing! So they went on down to UC Davis and bought some vine cuttings from them and sent those back to the government instead of their smuggled cuttings, aka the “suitcase clones”. But wait! That’s just the story of Pahlmeyer! We’re talking about Wayfarer. This project was a long time dream of Jason’s, and when Helen Turley saw the property come up for sale in Fort Ross Seaview, she called up Jason and Wayfarer was born. Planted exclusively to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (including some of those “suitcase clones”), they waited ten years to release their first vintage in 2012, wanting to make sure the wines lived up to their standards and the Pahlmeyer name. This week I worked with the 2014, and holy moly are they delicious. I can’t even put into words, other than: go getcha some. It’s worth every penny. Especially their Golden Mean, which is named for the mathematical rule of perfect proportions, this is a clonal study.

Our Golden Mean Pinot Noir celebrates a union between the Swan clone, with its elegance and enticing perfume, and the Pommard clone, with its earthy aromatics and powerful structure. This ruby-hued wine begins with delicate floral notes that lead into bright red fruit aromas with hints of powdered cocoa and the suggestion of an ocean breeze. On the palate, fresh strawberry and cherry characters are supported by soft tannins and well-structured slate minerality.

Erin Connor


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