let’s get basic: part one, vegetable broth edition


Why, yes, we are pretending I didn’t take a year-long gap of not posting. And what about it? In the past year and a half, the fiance and I moved from Chicago to the PNW, bought a house, switched jobs, and planned a wedding (that is 30 days from now). Also in the past year, I’ve been promising recipes to friends and haven’t posted them, so here goes:

Let’s talk vegetable stock/broth. I always keep some in the house. It makes rice, quinoa, soups, risotto, literally everything more flavorful and it’s so easy to make.

Vegetable Stock:
— two yellow onions
— three leeks, washed thoroughly
— 5-6 carrots, washed
— one head garlic, cut in half
— one bunch celery
— ten dried bay leaves
— two tbsp black peppercorns
— one bunch thyme
— salt to taste

**equipment needed: 2 large stockpots with lids, a fine-meshed strainer or cheesecloth, lots of tupperware or mason jars for storage

Give the onions, carrots, leeks, and celery a large dice, keeping everything around 2″. (Yes, a very large dice or else you end up with mush.) Doesn’t need to be perfect as you’re just extracting flavor, however, you do want everything similar in size so it cooks evenly. Divide everything between the two biggest pots you have and fill with water. Cover with lids and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer and let it do its thing for about 2-3 hours. Taste to see if it needs any more salt and then strain and store in pint-sized containers. Freeze most of your containers, leave a few in the fridge so they’re ready to go when you need them!

A few tips: You don’t need to peel the onion, carrots or garlic, just make sure they’re clean. It’s all flavor so don’t toss it out! Additionally, you can save scraps from previous cooks in a bag in your freezer until you’re ready to make stock. So save the outer layer of your onions, those mushroom stems, and the last bit of herbs you didn’t need and repurpose them into a flavorful broth!

Sure, you can buy broth from the store, but it’s loaded with salt and preservatives. It’s also much more expensive than making it yourself. You can also turn this vegetable stock into chicken/beef/bone broth by saving bones from whatever meals you make, roasting them in the oven, and boiling them in the stock. I’ve been making my own broth for years and I use it for everything I possibly can and it’s definitely worth it.

You’re gonna like the way you cook, I guarantee it.
–me, just now


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